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Pork Chutney Sold Out

Pork Chutney

For all pork lov..

Rs 209.00 Ex Tax: Rs 186.61

Smoked Beef Pickle SN

This homemade an..

Rs 279.00 Ex Tax: Rs 249.11

Smoked Pork Pickle SN

This homemade an..

Rs 249.00 Ex Tax: Rs 222.32

Sohiong Jam

Sohiong jam is a..

Rs 199.00 Ex Tax: Rs 177.68

Spicy Beef Chunks New

Spicy Beef Chunks

For all beef lov..

Rs 239.00 Ex Tax: Rs 213.39

Strawberry Jam

Meghalaya has em..

Rs 189.00 Ex Tax: Rs 168.75

Tulsi Chai (Basil Tea) Sold Out

Tulsi Chai (Basil Tea)

For those who lo..

Rs 165.00 Ex Tax: Rs 157.14

White Tea with Ginger

White tea combin..

Rs 300.00 Ex Tax: Rs 285.71