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Model: bamboo-shoot-SN
Bamboo shoot is such a common ingredient across the NorthEast, found in all kitchens, that just the thought of bamboo shoot brings the smell of home to mind. This pickled Bamboo Shoot, made in Meghalaya, preserves the subtle flavour and crunchy texture of the bamboo and its very appetising smell. Ad..
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Model: beef-pickle-DS
Beef lovers, this is a pickle for you to relish - high quality beef from Megahlaya, pickled with the simplest of organic spices, preserved in oil. Sounds lovely, doesn't it? Sourced from Meghalaya, where the quality of beef is renowned, this pickle recipe is prepared in typical simple Nort..
Rs 290.00
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Model: bhut-mustard
This cooking paste (pickle) with the heady mixture of ghost chillies or king chillies aka bhoot jolokia or bhut jolokia and mustard seeds paste is one hot concoction! From Assam, where mustard paste is commonly used in cooking, this pickle is given an extra hot boost combining bh..
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Model: birds-eye-SN
This pickle is made in Meghalaya with these small, organic chillies which are deceptively power packed with sweet pungency. No bigger than half an inch at their biggest, it is said that the smaller the bird’s eye chilli, the hotter its bite! This pickle is made in typical northeast st..
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Model: chicken-pickle-DS
Made from locally sourced country chicken from Ri Bhoi district of Meghalaya, this chicken pickle with its simple recipe is a great addition to your meal. Like all Northeastern pickles, it is made with the most basic of spices – ginger, garlic & chilies preserved in oil bringing out the core fla..
Rs 249.00
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Model: bombay-duck
Bombay Duck or Bombil or Loitta has a very strong, distinct flavour which leads itself very well to pickling. This fish is another one of those bold flavours of NorthEast India that might be an acquired taste but is much loved locally. Prepared in a simple, northeastern, homemade style, the dry Bomb..
Rs 189.00
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Model: dry-naga-king-chili
Ghost Chilies or King Chilies are hard to come by in their fresh form. For those who really love Ghost Chilies, try out our dried organic variety instead! Some say that the King Chili is called the Ghost Chili because after you eat it you wish you were dead! For the people of the North Eas..
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Model: ktung-shira-SN
Called ktung shira, in Khasi, these local tiny fish are dried and then lightly pickled in mustard oil and basic spices. The pickle is homemade and does not have any additional preservatives. Dry fish is staple across the NorthEast so do try this variety of small, fresh water dry fish pickled just fo..
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Model: fresh-BSh-SN
Enjoy bamboo shoot all year round especially if you live somewhere with no easy access to fresh bamboo shoot. This plain, simple bottled bamboo shoot is the perfect solution! As long as you keep it airtight, this bamboo shoot should last for a year easily and bamboo shoot only gets better with age a..
Rs 149.00
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Model: hill-wild-KC
From the hills of Ukhrul, Manipur, Hill Wild brings an artisanal chocolate experience that is truly unique to the NorthEast- King Chili Chocolate. The combination of chilli and chocolate is an explosion of the senses and the flavour will leave your taste buds tingling. This is a must try for those w..
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Model: pork-pickle-DS
Here is a slice of heaven for all pork lovers: High quality organic pork pickled with the simplest of spices, preserved in oil. Sounds lovely, doesn't it? Sourced from Meghalaya, where the quality of pork is renowned, this pickle recipe is prepared in typical simple Northeastern style which&nbs..
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Model: KCP-HB
All hail the King of Chilies and the Raja Mircha! Also known as King Chili, it is northeast India's most recognisable indigenous food item especially if it comes from Nagaland; it is why another name for it is Naga Mircha. Ghost Chilies bring a feeling of euphoria and no other chilly will come close..
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