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Model: gooseberry-HB
This gooseberry or amla candy blends the tang of the gooseberry with a dusting of sugar & leaves you with a tasty snack full of nutrition. Made with foraged gooseberry and then dried, in this candy form, it is a great digestive, packed with vitamins A and C, po..
Rs 110.00
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Model: dried-wild-apple
Healthy, tasty, nutritious Dried Wild Apple – try this favourite snack from the NorthEast.  Wild apples have been found in the hilly states of the NorthEast for at least the past 200 years. These apples are about a third the size of the regular apples we eat as they are not domesticated. They l..
Rs 110.00
Ex Tax:Rs 104.76
Model: dry-bamboo-shoot
Dry bamboo shoot is a real treat especially since it is quite hard to come by. The unique texture & flavour that bamboo has is best experienced if it is in its fresh form but the dry bamboo enhances the unique flavour of bamboo and this intensifies with time. Bamboo is a key ingredient in many N..
Rs 149.00
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Model: dry-soyabean
Soyabean or Axone/Akhuni is essentially fermented soyabeans which have been further preserved by drying. Soyabean is truly an indigenous taste of Nagaland as well as a few other states of the NorthEast. The pungent flavour and aroma of Axone maybe an acquired taste, but..
Rs 120.00
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Model: dry-fish-ch-HB
River fish is consumed widely across the NorthEast and a lot of the local fish is also dried for preservation. As a result, many of the fish recipes have dry fish as an ingredient and the popular dishes are chutneys made of dry fish. This packet of ready-made dry fish chutney has tiny, local freshwa..
Rs 165.00
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Model: elephant-apple
Elephant Apple (Ou Tenga) Pickle: Elephant Apple, or Ou Tenga as it is known in Assamese and Chalta in Bengali, makes quite a lip-smackingly delicious pickle. This pickle is sour and spicy with a good bit of chilly heat as well and is a quintessentially, beloved Assamese pickle. Ou Tenga is a typica..
Rs 149.00
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Model: fermented-bamboo
Fermented bamboo shoot not only has extended shelf life but fermentation also enhances the safety of foods using the natural microflora and their antibacterial compounds. Fermented bamboo contains antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory qualities that reduce the risk of numerous long-term illnesses..
Rs 199.00
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Model: ginger-GT
For those who love a cup of green tea, simply adding ginger to the natural goodness that green tea has, gives you a drink fortified with added nutrients. This blend is a balance of loose-leaf Assam green tea and ginger sourced from the neighbouring hill states which produce ginger with more zing. Wi..
Rs 199.00
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Model: jackfruit-kmdn
Jackfruit is one of those seasonal fruits that goes out of the market before you've had your fill while it’s in season. Grab this Jackfruit pickle bottle made in typical Assamese style where basic spices enhance the star of the pickle - the jackfruit.  The spiciness of this pickle is low a..
Rs 145.00
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Model: jujube
This is an all-time favourite Assamese pickle. It is made of Jujube berries or bogori in Assamese, are red inside & out, with a crispy texture, edible skin, and a sweet-tart, apple-like flavour. This pickle, aka Bogori asaar or achar, is a sweet, gooey, spicy concoction that is so delicious; you..
Rs 149.00
Ex Tax:Rs 133.04
Model: sweet-kiwi-pickle
Pulpy and juicy, sweet yet tangy, the kiwi fruit is packed not only with a lot of flavour but also comes loaded with plenty of health benefits. This sweet kiwi pickle is almost like a chutney which is best with any meal of rice or chappatis and even as a side with snacks. Kiwis are rich sources of v..
Rs 149.00
Ex Tax:Rs 133.04
Model: turmeric-BE
Meghalaya is know for its turmeric especially the turmeric grown in the Lakadong and its neighbouring villages in Jaintia Hills , Meghalaya, NorthEast India. It is said to be one of best varieties. This turmeric has high curcumin content (over 6%) which gives it a sharp bright yellow colou..
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