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About Us

The North East Store was born of a simple fact: People love where they are from. And miss it when they are away.

We are a group of youngsters from the North East of India who, through the course of our lives, have lived outside of the North East and missed Home and all its comforts. We found many others in the same predicament. For too long we made do with bringing back foodstuffs and other unique items back from our too-few-and-far-between holidays.

So we thought... Hey, if you can't go Home, how about getting Home to you? Our store is the answer!

The North East Store carries a selection of food items and indigenous handloom and handicrafts unique to the states of the north eastern region. We strive to showcase as many hard to come by products for customers to discover, learn about and enjoy.

We source our products straight from the makers and producers as well as from NGOs, Government groups & Self Help Groups who directly support local farmers & artisans. We are thrilled to bridge the gap between the need of NorthEast producers for newer marketing platforms and the end customers to gain easy access to NorthEast’s products.

As social entrepreneurs we enable ourselves and those who we partner with to engage in sustainable, profitable and self sufficient enterprise. The full impact of our venture is twofold:

- providing easy access to Northeastern products to interested customers throughout the country and

- providing unique opportunities for local farmers, artisans & producers to reach new markets. 

Our Team


Trideep Rabha: A Computer Science graduate & a former Google employee, Trideep has 7 years+ experience is Search Engine Marketing (SEO) and online marketing. He has worked with multiple start ups. As our resident techie, Trideep manages of all of The NorthEast Store's technical operations, photographs the beautiful product pictures that you see as well as oversees logistics.

He is an avid photographer and biker. Besides running The North East Store, he aims to travel across the NorthEast with his trusty bike and camera and film his travels and all the beauty and people along the way.

You can get in touch with him directly: Email: ; | Facebook:


Catherine Dohling:A Post Graduate in Advertising and Communication, has 7 years+ of experience in online marketing working at Google She has worked together with Trideep and has been involved in other startups as well. She is passionate about working on her own projects and The North East Store is the biggest, most exciting project she has tackled. She heads Marketing and Content and supervises Customer Support.

She enjoys reading and has a mini library for herself. She sees travel as another brilliant advantage of running The North East Store as business needs and this hobby meet perfectly.

Get in touch: Email: | Facebook:


The NorthEast Store team with the CM of Meghalaya