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Brand: Colks Model: Colks-Oil
The legendary fiery heat of the Ghost chilli, more commonly known as Bhoot Jolokia, is handpicked and sourced from Nagaland and is packed into BEE Natural's Bhoot Jolokia infused oil. Containing absolutely no artificial colours or flavouring, this unique chilli oil is crafted purely from sun-dried b..
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Brand: Hornbill Model: HB-dry-bamboo
Dry bamboo shoot is a real treat especially since it is quite hard to come by. The unique texture & flavour that bamboo has is best experienced if it is in its fresh form but the dry bamboo enhances the unique flavour of bamboo and this intensifies with time. Bamboo is a key ingredient in many N..
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Brand: Hornbill Model: HB-dry-KC
Ghost Chilies or King Chilies are hard to come by in their fresh form. For those who really love Ghost Chilies, try out our dried organic variety instead! Some say that the King Chili is called the Ghost Chili because after you eat it you wish you were dead! For the people of the North Eas..
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Brand: Hornbill Model: HB-fermented-b
Fermented bamboo shoot not only has extended shelf life but fermentation also enhances the safety of foods using the natural microflora and their antibacterial compounds. Fermented bamboo contains antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory qualities that reduce the risk of numerous long-term illnesses..
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Brand: Smoked Meat Model: SMK-PRK
Grab your packet of Smoked Pork and let the intense smoky flavour fill you with joy! Meghalaya is known for its high-quality pork and this homemade, wood-smoked pork is a true example of the produce of the state. Smoked Pork forms a staple of the cuisine of Meghalaya and across many tribes of NorthE..
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Brand: Pahari Roots Model: PR-KCpowder
All spice lovers and food adventurists will surely love the challenge of savouring the deliciously intense heat of this ghost chilli powder with some flakes to add more heat bombs as you eat. Needless to say, with a Scoville heat value of over 1 million, a little goes a long way when you use this ki..
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Brand: Braves Model: BE-BLS
Black sesame, aka kala til is another ingredient that features quite heavily in the cuisine of NorthEast India especially in the Khasi and Jaintia pork dishes and has been made famous in the dish called Dohneiïong. Black sesame is rich and nutty and the oils that get released when the seeds are crus..
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Brand: Country Spices Model: CSIB11
Perilla seeds aka white til are aromatic seeds, that are used as a spice and to prepare flavored chutneys and curries. is full of omega fatty acids and makes an excellent alternative to chia seeds or flax seeds. The omega-3 to omega-6 ratio in perilla seeds is one of the highest of any seed oils. Th..
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Brand: Kalimpong Food Products Model: KFP-dalley-paste
Sikkim's dalley chillies are one of the world's hottest naturally grown chillies. In this packet, the scarlet red, round dalley chillies are preserved as a paste, to use as a fiery ingredient while cooking or as a dip and hot sauce giving you an authentic taste of the chillies. This dalley paste is..
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Brand: Kalimpong Food Products Model: KFP-dalley-mini
Scarlet red, round Dalley chillies are preserved as a paste, to use as a fiery ingredient while cooking or as a dip and hot sauce giving you an authentic taste of the chillies. These mini pouches are carefully packed and sealed with small spouts making them easy to pour and easy to carry anywhere to..
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Brand: Hornbill Model: hb-dry-soyabean
Soyabean or Axone/Akhuni is essentially fermented soyabeans which have been further preserved by drying. Soyabean is truly an indigenous taste of Nagaland as well as a few other states of the NorthEast. The pungent flavour and aroma of Axone maybe an acquired taste, but most often it is a taste you ..
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Brand: Hornbill Model: HB-Lard
Pork lard is a traditional cooking fat that is highly valued in the cuisine of North East India. It is obtained from the fatty deposits of pigs and has been used for generations in many traditional dishes from this region. In North East India, pork lard is prized for its high smoke point and rich, s..
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