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Brand: Smoked Meat Model: SMK-Chic
Grab your packet of Smoked Chicken and let the intense smoky flavour fill you with joy! Meghalaya is known for its smoked meats and this homemade, wood-smoked chicken is a true example of the produce of the state. Smoked meat including smoked country chicken forms a staple of the cuisine of Meghalay..
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Brand: Pahari Roots Model: PR-Bbrine
These Fresh Bamboo Shoots from the state of Meghalaya are cleaned & packed in water. This bamboo shoot can be consumed raw by adding to salads or cooked as parts of many curries and northeastern dishes. One can also use it to make pickle or chutney with perilla seeds or black sesame to get the l..
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Brand: Himalayan Natives Model: HN-Basil
Basil seeds or sabja seeds have been a part of Ayurveda since the Vedic ages. These seeds are packed with minerals and high fibre content. It is also a great plant source for Omega-3 fats. Benefits:High in Fiber - Basil seeds or sabja seeds are high in fibre content which breaks down slowly in..
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Brand: Pahari Roots Model: PR-BlRice
This heirloom rice variety is known as Chakhao Ambuli in the local dialect in Manipur. Sourced straight from our farmer partners in Manipur who use traditional natural farming methods, this Manipuri Black Rice has a pleasant, bread-like aroma, nutty flavour, and fluffy texture. This unpolished g..
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Brand: Pahari Roots Model: PR-StoneFlower
Ever wondered what is that mystery ingredient you can’t seem to pin your finger on that gives some Indian Dishes a distinct piquant smoky-sweet taste? Most often, that is Black Stone Flower spice! Also known as Patthar Phool or Dagar Phool, the Black stone flower is a species of lichen used a..
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Brand: Himalayan Natives Model: HN-Chia
Chia Seeds are high in quality protein - in fact by weight, they contain ~14% protein. They are also loaded with antioxidants and are very high in fibre. Chia seeds are incredibly easy to incorporate into diets. The seeds themselves are bland, so one can add them to pretty much anything. Bene..
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Brand: Pahari Roots Model: PR-CinnaSticks
Presenting pure and aromatic Cinnamon Sticks sourced straight from the sky-high altitudes of Khasi-Jaintia hills in Meghalaya. Just a whiff of these cinnamon sticks will convince you of their quality. Grown using traditional farming methods, this variety is carefully packed intact with its essentia..
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Brand: Roots Agro Model: RA-Crunchy
Once you get a taste of this crunchy, nutty peanut sauce, you won't want to stop eating it! The inspiration behind this sauce is the delicious Thai Som Tam, which is delightfully crunchy and comforting. This sauce is made with peanuts, sesame, chilli, garlic, seasoning, salt, sesame oil...
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Brand: Kalimpong Food Products Model: KFP-dalley-vinegar
Sikkim's dalley chillies are one of the world's hottest naturally grown chillies. In this packet, the scarlet red, round dalley chillies are preserved in vinegar to give you an authentic taste of the chillies. This dalley preserve is homemade with a lot of love and care, and for those familiar with..
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Brand: Roots Agro Model: RA-Pesto
Esto Pesto literally means ‘Like this pesto’. And once you sample this pesto sauce, you'd be asking every other sauce whether it’s ‘like this pesto’. Luscious locally grown luscious tomatoes and basil are topped with extra virgin olive oil so that you don't have to do anything but add cooked past..
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Brand: Himalayan Natives Model: HN-Flax
Grown since the beginning of civilization, flax seeds are one of the oldest crops. Just one tablespoon (7 grams) provides a good amount of protein, fibre, and omega-3 fatty acids, in addition to being a rich source of some vitamins and minerals. Flax seeds are a great source of plant-based protein a..
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Brand: Himalayan Natives Model: HN-churpi
This 100% Natural Churpi is made using the traditional and age-old Himalayan recipe that has been passed on to generations for centuries. Yak's milk is boiled and then hung in a muslin cloth to drain the excess water. It is then further put in jute bags and pressed hard to get the chewable churpi ..
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