Pork and Axone is a quintessential NorthEast flavour and ..
Rs 200.00
Ex Tax: Rs 178.57
Bamboo shoot spiced up with hot and spicy King Chili. If you're someone who loves bamboo shoot and t..
Rs 199.00
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This 100% vegetarian pickled Yongchak preparation will give you a typical taste of Manipur! Yongchak..
Rs 199.00
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This homemade and home smoked beef pickle is a true comfort food and a life saver when there is noth..
Rs 249.00
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Households in the NorthEast usually swear that ‘no meal is complete without a chutney’ and inde..
Rs 189.00
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Pork Liver Chutney DN New
Here we have a true example of a delicacy in the form of pork liver chutney brought to you by Delica..
Rs 215.00
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This sweet-sour-spicy snack is a typical way in which the jujube berries are ea..
Rs 50.00
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Now Buy 2 packets at just Rs. 175 each!Some say that the King Chili is also called the Ghost Chili (..
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Chicken with King Chili New Sold Out
Add king chilies (or raja mirchi or bhoot jolokia) to good old chicken and you truly have somet..
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Naga Jhola Bag Green, Ao Print New Sold Out
Everyone from the NorthEast has at some point or the other owned and rocked this Naga jhola&nbs..
Rs 499.00
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Cane Patti Handbag, Rectangular New
Handmade using woven cane stripes as the base material, this handbag will keep you organized while o..
Rs 399.00
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Fresh Bamboo Shoot New
Enjoy bamboo shoot all year round especially if you live somewhere with no easy access to fresh bamb..
Rs 150.00
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Sikkim Tribal Jhola Bag, Blue New Sold Out
In cool shades of blue, this jhola bag reflects the beautiful blue skies of summer. With i..
Rs 599.00
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Wood & Horn Hand Pipe New Sold Out
A quirky accessory, a literary artifact ala Sherlock Holmes or a nostalgic reminder of gra..
Rs 199.00
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Painted Bamboo Pencil Case 22 New Sold Out
Made entirely of bamboo strips and delicately put together, this pencil case is stylish and has a be..
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