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Olive (Jalphai) Pickle

Olive (Jalphai) Pickle
Olive (Jalphai) Pickle
Olive (Jalphai) Pickle
Olive (Jalphai) Pickle
Olive (Jalphai) Pickle
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  • Weight: 200.00gm
  • Dimensions: 4.00in x 2.50in x 2.50in


Olive or Jalphai (Indian olives) are a sour fruit and do not produce oil like the variety found in the Mediterranean region. It is used mainly in making delicious, tangy pickles and chutneys and is a summer favourite in most parts of the North East. Taste this Olive pickle made in the traditional Assamese style where just the basic spices of ginger, garlic and chili flavour and enhance the Jalphai letting you savour its tangy flesh. The spiciness of this pickle is low and even those with low spice tolerance can enjoy it!

100% vegetarian and made in a food processing unit that makes only vegetarian items.


Product Specs
Weight in grams 200
Vegetarian Product
Country of Origin India


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