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Brand: Smoky Falls Model: SFC-LitePowder
Made in Meghalaya, with the finest quality handpicked hill coffee that is indigenous to this region, this packet contains lightly roasted whole coffee beans to bring you a brew rich in taste and aroma.This lite roast coffee powder has a light brown colour, lacks oil and has higher acidity in the gro..
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Brand: Assam Heritage Tea Model: AHT-SBP
A nice hot cup of strong Assam CTC tea or chai blended with spicy black pepper powder will get you rejuvenated at any time of the day! Black pepper pairs really well with milk tea and helps soothe coughs and colds and fights infections as well as diabetes and helps in digestion and improves dental h..
Rs 250.00
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Brand: Assam Heritage Tea Model: AHT-adrak-chai
For those who love a cup of adrak chai, this loose leaf Assam tea fortified with ginger will see you happy. Get your regular kadak chai with the spicy warm flavour of ginger and get a kick start to your mornings or a much need boost in the evenings. Feeling a little sore in the throat? Simply let th..
Rs 250.00
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Brand: Lluvia Tea Model: LLV-BMT
Blue Moon is a caffeine-free herbal concoction that is packed with antioxidants—infused with a hint of butterfly pea flower, known in India as Aparajita flower, and lavender along with the finest green tea to create a blue brew as rare as a lunar spectacle. According to health experts, drinking blu..
Rs 365.00
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Brand: Lluvia Tea Model: LLV-CCT
Chamomile Tea has been used as a natural remedy to reduce inflammation and anxiety and to treat insomnia. Chamomile is commonly regarded as a mild sleep inducer as unlike many other teas, it lacks caffeine content. So instead of giving you a rush, it relaxes the nerves and muscles. Green Tea when co..
Rs 345.00
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Brand: Lluvia Tea Model: LLV-CGT
This speciality tea blend is handcrafted blending chamomile flowers and loose-leaf green tea to bring you an excellent natural caffeine-free infusion for stress relief. Green Tea when combined with chamomile flowers aids in sleep and is therefore usually drunk after dinner before sleep. This brew ..
Rs 220.00
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Brand: Assam Heritage Tea Model: AHT-ginger-GT
For those who love a cup of green tea, simply adding ginger to the natural goodness that green tea has, gives you a drink fortified with added nutrients. This blend is a balance of loose-leaf Assam green tea and ginger sourced from the neighbouring hill states which produce ginger with more zing. Wi..
Rs 250.00
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Brand: Assam Heritage Tea Model: AHT-green-tea W/L
Grown right in the middle of Upper Assam’s renowned tea region, this particular Green Tea, manufactured by Heritage Tea Company, is a naturally sweet Green Tea. It has a light lemon yellow when brewed just right. It is smooth and buttery on the palate with fresh zesty undertones. Rich in antioxidant..
Rs 250.00
Ex Tax:Rs 238.10
Brand: Assam Heritage Tea Model: AHT-morning-glory
Green Tea, Morning Glory: As the name suggests, this green tea is one to get you up and about every morning! Grown right in the middle of Upper Assam’s renowned tea region, this Green Tea is manufactured by Heritage Tea Company. The packet contains export quality, whole green leaves which are lightl..
Rs 299.00
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Brand: Assam Heritage Tea Model: AHT-Hibiscus-Tea-AHT
This packet of herbal hibiscus tea brews a perfect cup of ruby red goodness full of flavour and health. The natural benefits of lightly processed loose leaf orthodox red tea when combined with dried hibiscus flowers, give you a wide range of health benefits - it aids in protecting the liver by incre..
Rs 399.00
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Brand: Lluvia Tea Model: LLV-KMC
A blend of premium Assam Tea with dry spices that includes ginger, cardamom, bay leaf, and clove, making a cup of strong Assam masala chai tea. If you’re a chai lover and especially fond of milk tea, your day is incomplete without this kadak masala chai blend! The dry spices used in this tea blen..
Rs 265.00
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Brand: Assam Heritage Tea Model: AHT-Kahwa
This brew is a reinterpretation of the traditional Kashmiri style of kahwa tea. Here we have quality Assam green tea blended with almonds, cloves, cardamom and bay leaves. This brew is full of flavour as well as health benefits. It improves heart health, reduces cholesterol levels and regulates bloo..
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