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Jujube (Bogori) Sweet Pickle

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Jujube (Bogori) Sweet Pickle

This is an all-time favourite Assamese pickle. It is made of Jujube berries or bogori in Assamese, are red inside & out, with a crispy texture, edible skin, and a sweet-tart, apple-like flavour. This pickle, aka Bogori asaar or achar, is a sweet, gooey, spicy concoction that is so delicious; you’ll be smacking your lips. And we mean this literally because the molasses sugar used to sweeten the pickle leaves the Jujube coated in the dark, sticky sweetener which gets all over your lips in a messy – but a good messy – way. The Jujube is pickled in mustard oil, spices and chilli flakes giving the whole pickle a unique sweet-sour flavour with a hint of chilli.

100% vegetarian and made in a vegetarian only food processing unit.

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