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Brand: Pahari Roots Model: PR-SIJ
Savour the unique flavours of Meghalaya with Sohiong jam. Gently crafted from the locally loved “sohiong” fruit (indigenous black berry unique to the Khasi hills), this delectable jam offers a delightful blend of sweetness and tart tanginess that embodies the essence of the region’s rich biodiversit..
Rs 210.00
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Brand: NE Origins Model: NEO-KWJ
Introducing Kiwi Jam from Sikkim, a delicious jam made with freshly-picked kiwis. Our jam is made with the goodness of real kiwi fruits, blended with a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. Made with natural ingredients, our jam is packed with a unique flavour that is sure to tantalise your t..
Rs 250.00
Ex Tax:Rs 223.21
Brand: NE Origins Model: NEO-orange
This jar of orange marmalade is a variation of the traditional orange marmalade that uses oranges grown in the state of Sikkim, in north-eastern India. Sikkim Orange marmalade is a popular product in Sikkim as the oranges here are known for their intense flavour and aroma, which makes them ideal ..
Rs 220.00
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Brand: Pahari Roots Model: PR-PJ
This Plum Jam is an exquisite fusion of hand picked plums, carefully selected for their exceptional quality and taste from Meghalaya. Enjoy a burst of deliciously sweet and tart flavour. By sourcing plums directly from Meghalaya's bountiful orchards,  each jar of this plum jam embodies the spir..
Rs 210.00
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Brand: Ceefle venture Model: CFL-Hon
This indigenous wildflower honey from the hills of Meghalaya is rich in healthy carbohydrates and antioxidants. Add a teaspoonful of this honey as an alternative to sugar as it is a natural sweetener. This bottle of honey is unpasteurised, unheated and unprocessed to preserve its purity. In general,..
Rs 349.00
Ex Tax:Rs 332.38
Brand: Colks Model: Colks-Wild
This prized form of organic honey is sourced from the forests of Meghalaya - a lush biodiversity hub where the heavy rainfall supports a wide variety of flora and fauna. BEE Natural's Wildforest Honey has a pure and mild sweetness. This forest honey is said to be the most medicinal form of honey. ..
Rs 499.00
Ex Tax:Rs 475.24
Brand: Hornbill Model: HB-gooseberry
This gooseberry or amla candy blends the tang of the gooseberry with a dusting of sugar and leaves you with a tasty snack full of nutrition. Made with foraged gooseberry and then dried, in this candy form, it is a great digestive, packed with vitamins A and C, potassium and manganese. It is..
Rs 120.00
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Brand: Hornbill Model: HB-WA
Healthy, tasty, nutritious Dried Wild Apple – try this favourite snack from the NorthEast. Wild apples have been found in the hilly states of the NorthEast for at least the past 200 years. These apples are about a third the size of the regular apples we eat as they are not domesticated. They look a..
Rs 99.00
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Brand: Pahari Roots Model: PR-MHoney
This Mandarin Honey comes from the orange orchards of Meghalaya. Limited-edition high-quality honey, pure and natural with no added artificial sweeteners or infusions, Pahari Roots Mandarin Honey is highly sought after by Honey connoisseurs. Any crystallization that you find in our jars is a sign of..
Rs 500.00
Ex Tax:Rs 476.19
Brand: Dalade Model: DLD-PJam
Dalade’s Meghalaya Pineapple Jam is an all-natural handmade jam, made from selected best pineapples from the local farmers of the region. Meghalaya is one of the major pineapple producing states of India and is known for juicy & fleshy pineapples which make for greats jams. Contains no adde..
Rs 229.00
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Brand: Dalade Model: DLD-Honey
This jar contains pure honey collected from the forests of Meghalaya’s Mawsynram region. Dalade’s pure honey is the perfect mix of complex taste and texture straight from the hills of Meghalaya. – 100% pure honey direct from the beekeepers. – All the natural vitamins and minerals remain intact. ..
Rs 330.00
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Brand: NE Origins Model: NEO-SBH
The Stingless bee (Melipona) honey is collected by a small species of bee adept at sucking nectar from the smallest of flowers and the deepest crevices of the flowers from the valleys of Nagaland. The antioxidants in this variety of stingless bee honey are capable of healing wounds and have tra..
Rs 500.00
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