Sold Out Dry King Chili (Ghost Chili)

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Dry King Chili (Ghost Chili)

Ghost Chilies or King Chilies are hard to come by in their fresh form. For those who really love Ghost Chilies, try out our dried organic variety instead! Some say that the King Chili is called the Ghost Chili because after you eat it you wish you were dead! For the people of the North East though, it is truely the King of all chilies. These Ghost chilies bring a feeling of euphoria and once you can stomach them no other chilly will come close to the pungency and flavour that the King Chili has. As King Chilies are hard to come by in their fresh form in the rest of the country, try out our organic Dry King Chilies instead. For those of us already in love with them, use it to liven up any bland meal or curry. 

The Naga King Chili (Naga Raja) is also know as Bhoot Jolokia or Ghost Chili and is constantly on the top 5 in the list of the world’s hottest chilies based on the Scoville Scale which measures the pungency (spicy heat) of chilies and other spicy foods. You have been warned!

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