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New Dry Fermented Soyabean, Axone

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Dry Fermented Soyabean, Axone

Soyabean or Axone/Akhuni is essentially fermented soyabeans which have been further preserved by drying. Soyabean is truly an indigenous taste of Nagaland as well as a few other states of the NorthEast. The pungent flavour and aroma of Axone maybe an acquired taste, but most often it is a taste you fall in love with it too! If you want an authentic ingredient to prepare Naga food recipes, grab a packet of this essential dry fermented soyabean. By fermenting the soyabean, not only is the shelflife of the soyabean increased but the safety of the food is enhanced through the use of natural microflora and their antibacterial compunds.

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