Elephant Apple (Ou Tenga) Pickle

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Elephant Apple (Ou Tenga) Pickle

Elephant Apple (Ou Tenga) Pickle: Elephant Apple, or Ou Tenga as it is known in Assamese and Chalta in Bengali, makes quite a lip-smackingly delicious pickle. This pickle is sour and spicy with a good bit of chilly heat as well and is a quintessentially, beloved Assamese pickle.

Ou Tenga is a typical ingredient in Assamese cuisine. This fruit is usually used in fish recipes to make a sour and tangy curry. Known for its numerous curative properties, elephant apple treats nervousness, stomach upsets and fatigue. The hard-shelled fruit is harvested mostly in NorthEast India.

100% vegetarian and made in a food processing unit that makes only vegetarian items.

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