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Brand: Lluvia Tea Model: LLV-CGT
This speciality tea blend is handcrafted blending chamomile flowers and loose-leaf green tea to bring you an excellent natural caffeine-free infusion for stress relief. Green Tea when combined with chamomile flowers aids in sleep and is therefore usually drunk after dinner before sleep. This brew ..
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Brand: Country Spices Model: CS-CChoc
Get this packet of handmade dark chocolate that is intensely flavoured and perfectly blended with high-quality cinnamon from the hills of Meghalaya. These bite-sized chocolates are individually made and tempt with their shape, texture, aroma and of course taste. Makes for really great festive season..
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Brand: Braves Model: BE-Cinna-P
In 2006, a new species of cinnamon was found growing wild in the high altitude areas of Northeast India, especially in the Khasi & Jaintia hills of Meghalaya. The cinnamon harvested from this region is full of flavour and is of a superior variety (according to the NorthEast Institute of Science ..
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Brand: Hills Pride Model: HP-Cinnamon
This packet has the powdered form of the unique variety of cinnamon discovered growing wild in the high altitudes of the Khasi & Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya, Northeast India. For easy use, try this cinnamon powder, it goes best with any sweet item you’re thinking of baking and even Indian curries..
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Brand: Country Spices Model: CSIB11
Perilla seeds aka white til are aromatic seeds, that are used as a spice and to prepare flavored chutneys and curries. is full of omega fatty acids and makes an excellent alternative to chia seeds or flax seeds. The omega-3 to omega-6 ratio in perilla seeds is one of the highest of any seed oils. Th..
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Brand: Country Spices Model: CSHS02
CountrySpices Wild Forest Pure Honey is sourced from the luxuriant forests of Meghalaya. These forests have around 300 species of orchids including wild citrus and pigmy lily the essence of which finds its way into the honey of the region. The honey can be distinguished by its fragrance, taste and c..
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Brand: Kalimpong Food Products Model: KFP-dalley-paste
Sikkim's dalley chillies are one of the world's hottest naturally grown chillies. In this packet, the scarlet red, round dalley chillies are preserved as a paste, to use as a fiery ingredient while cooking or as a dip and hot sauce giving you an authentic taste of the chillies. This dalley paste is..
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Brand: Kalimpong Food Products Model: KFP-dalley-mini
Scarlet red, round Dalley chillies are preserved as a paste, to use as a fiery ingredient while cooking or as a dip and hot sauce giving you an authentic taste of the chillies. These mini pouches are carefully packed and sealed with small spouts making them easy to pour and easy to carry anywhere to..
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Brand: Hornbill Model: dry-soyabean
Soyabean or Axone/Akhuni is essentially fermented soyabeans which have been further preserved by drying. Soyabean is truly an indigenous taste of Nagaland as well as a few other states of the NorthEast. The pungent flavour and aroma of Axone maybe an acquired taste, but most often it is a taste you ..
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Brand: SN Food Products Model: ktung-shira-SN
Called ktung shira, in Khasi, these local tiny fish are dried and then lightly pickled in mustard oil and basic spices. The pickle is homemade and does not have any additional preservatives. Dry fish is staple across the NorthEast so do try this variety of small, fresh water dry fish pickled just fo..
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Brand: Kamdhenu Industries Model: KMD-elephant-apple
Elephant Apple (Ou Tenga) Pickle: Elephant Apple, or Ou Tenga as it is known in Assamese and Chalta in Bengali, makes quite a lip-smackingly delicious pickle. This pickle is sour and spicy with a good bit of chilly heat as well and is a quintessentially, beloved Assamese pickle. Ou Tenga is a typica..
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Brand: Kamdhenu Industries Model: KMD-garcinia
Thekera Tenga or Bor Thekera is a sour fruit that is dried and used commonly as a souring agent in Assamese dishes, especially fish-based curries. This fruit is known as Garcinia in English and Sohdanei in Khasi and is a wild fruit that grows along the foothills of the Himalayan region. It make..
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