This recipe is quite common among the Naga's and it is made almost whenever there is any occasion or any special events happening in the region. Follow below for this simple, yet unique recipe of the Naga steamed rice.


  • Sticky Rice 1 kg of Sticky rice soaked overnight ( buy here )
  • 2 types of pots: earthen pot with small holes at the bottom (like a momo steamer) and an aluminum pot (both medium-sized)
  • 2-3 banana leaves
  • Some newspapers (to connect the two vessels together – on top of each other.
  • 1-liter water (or as required)

  • Take one banana leaf and make slits on each side of the main stem in the middle.
  • Now place the leaf (with slit leaves) at the bottom of the earthen pot to prevent the rice from falling through the holes.
  • Now put the rice into the pot.
  • Place the earthen pot on top of the aluminum pot followed by sealing the gap with soaked newspaper.
  • Take some ash if there are any gaps between the two vessels – to make sure no steam escapes from between.
  • Now wrap the top of the earthen pot (with the rice) with banana leaves, securing tightly with a string over the mouth of the pot.
  • Carefully lift the pots and place them on top of the fire.
  • When you see the steam coming out from the top of the pot, remove the wrapping leaves and check if the rice is cooked.
  • If it is still grainy or not fully cooked, make sure there are no gaps between the pots – and let it stay over the fire until it’s fully cooked.
  • Once the rice is fully cooked, remove from the fire – and remove the leaf cover;
  • now separate the pot holding the rice from the vessel below.

    The Steamed Sticky Rice is ready to be served hot – with axone chutney and meat dish/pickle (optional).