The Khasi people are habituated in the consumption of beat rice items which are often colorful like red or yellow and even dust or powered rice is also very famous among them. A typical Khasi meal would consider one of these special rice items as an integral item.


  • Red sticky rice/Black sticky rice/White sticky rice ( buy  here)
  •  Khiew ranei is a specially made pot that is used to cook this special rice. You can use Idli pot or rice cooker as well.

  • Soak the rice overnight.
  • Ground the rice in mortar and pestle or you can use a grinder
  • Ground it till it becomes a powder
  • Shape it into the desired shape
  • Steamed it in a rice cooker or idli maker pot
  • Neither extremely low nor extremely high heat is suitable for cooking this rice. So the heat should be in control.
  • Even the use of water should be taken care of as excessive water will reduce the taste of the rice. Pumaloi rice of Meghalaya is used during public celebrations and other occasions.

    The powdered rice Pumaloi is undoubtedly a very special kind of rice of Meghalaya.