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Brand: Hornbill Model: HB-dry-KC
Ghost Chilies or King Chilies are hard to come by in their fresh form. For those who really love Ghost Chilies, try out our dried organic variety instead! Some say that the King Chili is called the Ghost Chili because after you eat it you wish you were dead! For the people of the North Eas..
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Brand: SN Food Products Model: SN-prawn
Made of local freshwater prawns, this dry prawn pickle is a delight for all who love seafood and makes for a really taste snack. The simple spices accompanying it – chili ginger and garlic, enhance the distinctive prawn-y taste. This dry pickle may be difficult to stop eating once the packet is open..
Rs 180.00
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Brand: Hornbill Model: HB-fermented-b
Fermented bamboo shoot not only has extended shelf life but fermentation also enhances the safety of foods using the natural microflora and their antibacterial compounds. Fermented bamboo contains antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory qualities that reduce the risk of numerous long-term illnesses..
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Brand: Braves Model: BE-turmeric
Meghalaya is know for its turmeric especially the turmeric grown in the Lakadong and its neighbouring villages in Jaintia Hills , Meghalaya, NorthEast India. It is said to be one of best varieties. This turmeric has high curcumin content (over 6%) which gives it a sharp bright yellow colour so desir..
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Brand: NE Origins Model: NEO-NCHS
Naga chilli is an heirloom chilli found across Nagaland. An aromatic and flavourful chilli that lends itself perfectly to making delicious hot sauces, this classic condiment packs a punch and is best enjoyed with chips, snacks and fritters!This product carries an additional shipping charge...
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Brand: Hornbill Model: HB-pork-ch
For any pork lover, the words smoked pork and pork cracking (pork rind) is like music to the ears or should we say yummy to the tummy! Smoked pork has such an amazing flavour that is only enhanced and made better in this ready-to-eat chutney. The dry, smoked pork has been shredded and ground and imm..
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Brand: Hornbill Model: HB-KCP
All hail the King of Chilies and the Raja Mircha! Also known as King Chili, it is northeast India's most recognisable indigenous food item especially if it comes from Nagaland; it is why another name for it is Naga Mircha. Ghost Chilies bring a feeling of euphoria and no other chilly will come close..
Rs 215.00
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Brand: SN Food Products Model: SN-smoked-beef
This homemade and home smoked beef pickle is a true comfort food and a lifesaver when there is nothing much else on the dinner table to go with your plate of rice. Wood smoked to perfection in typical Khasi style in Meghalaya, the dry, smoked beef’s intense flavour is enhanced with basic spices and ..
Rs 325.00
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Brand: Smoked Meat Model: SMK-PRK
Grab your packet of Smoked Pork and let the intense smoky flavour fill you with joy! Meghalaya is known for its high-quality pork and this homemade, wood-smoked pork is a true example of the produce of the state. Smoked Pork forms a staple of the cuisine of Meghalaya and across many tribes of NorthE..
Rs 599.00
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Brand: SN Food Products Model: SN-smoked-pork
This homemade and home smoked pork pickle is a true comfort food and a life saver when there is nothing much else on the dinner table to go with your plate of rice. Wood smoked to perfection in typical Khasi style of Meghalaya, the dry, smoked pork’s intense flavour is enhanced with basic spices and..
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Brand: Hornbill Model: HB-soyabean-chutney
Soyabean is truly a typical taste of the NorthEast. Soyabean or Axone/Akhuni is essentially boiled & fermented soyabeans. This chutney uses fermented soyabean and comes ready-to-eat! The pungent flavoured with basic spices – ginger, garlic, chilli powder. Those who know of Axone love it and whil..
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Brand: Assam Heritage Tea Model: AHT-SBP
A nice hot cup of strong Assam CTC tea or chai blended with spicy black pepper powder will get you rejuvenated at any time of the day! Black pepper pairs really well with milk tea and helps soothe coughs and colds and fights infections as well as diabetes and helps in digestion and improves dental h..
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