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Ginger Powder, Pahari Roots

Ginger Powder, Pahari Roots
Ginger Powder, Pahari Roots
Ginger Powder, Pahari Roots
Ginger Powder, Pahari Roots
Ginger Powder, Pahari Roots
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In Meghalaya, ginger is cultivated using very simple traditional methods, without any application of manures, fertilizers, insecticides etc. The ginger cultivated in Meghalaya has high essential oil, oleoresin and is known for its pungent taste and high gingerol content, which empowers ginger powder in curbing various health hazards.

In this packet, the ginger has been sun-dried and hand-pounded. Meghalaya ginger powder is the one spice you must have at hand to keep you in fine health. This spice is renowned as one of the healthiest spices on the planet earth. It is rich in properties like antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, and much more.

Dry ginger powder has warming properties and is known to improve the cardiovascular system, keep your respiratory system in tune, increases appetite, aids digestion, promote weight loss and also serves as a detoxifying agent.

Pahari Roots was born in the hills of Meghalaya with a vision is to revive local & indigenous food and to ensure fair returns to farmers and artisans responsible for preserving our traditions. By retracing our steps back to our roots, we will find the answer to our health and to the health of our planet. All products are cultivated in small family farms of North East India using the traditional and sustainable farming methods blended with ancient wisdom.

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Product Specs
Weight in grams 100
Vegetarian Product
Country of Origin India
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