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Brand: Smoked Meat Model: SMK-MT
Grab your packet of Smoked Beef and let the intense smoky flavour fill you with joy! Meghalaya is known for its high-quality beef and this homemade, wood-smoked beef is a true example of the produce of the state. Smoked Beef forms a staple of the cuisine of Meghalaya and across many tribes of NorthE..
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Brand: Smoked Meat Model: SMK-Chic
Grab your packet of Smoked Chicken and let the intense smoky flavour fill you with joy! Meghalaya is known for its smoked meats and this homemade, wood-smoked chicken is a true example of the produce of the state. Smoked meat including smoked country chicken forms a staple of the cuisine of Meghalay..
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Brand: Lluvia Tea Model: LLV-SRT
Spice Rose is a sweet and intensely floral blend with a hint of rose, a dash of cardamom, and the freshness of Assam loose leaf orthodox black tea which can be drunk at any time of day for a boost. Rose gives an intensely floral essence, cardamom gives that extra taste, and Assam Orthodox gives a ri..
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Brand: AD Enterprise Model: AD-056
Handmade cotton tote bag with a print of your beloved childhood cartoon characters! With a water-resistant lining and zipper at the top to keep all your possessions secure, this bag is strong and can even carry laptops. Accessorise your outfits with this tote bag and carry along a bit of the joy of ..
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Brand: Country Spices Model: CS-TChoc
Get this packet of handmade chocolate that is intensely flavoured and perfectly blended with high-quality turmeric from Jaintia hills of Meghalaya. These bite-sized chocolates are individually made and tempt with their shape, texture, aroma and of course spicy taste. This chocolate blend has no arti..
Rs 200.18
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Brand: Assam Heritage Tea Model: AHT-yellow-tea
This organic certified speciality yellow tea is handcrafted by Assam Heritage Tea Co. under Tea Master, Rajen Baruah, who is an Advisory Board Member from India of International Speciality Tea Association, USA. Yellow tea is one of the rarest types of teas. During ancient times, these teas were enjo..
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Brand: NE Origins Model: NEO-AGT
As the world comes to acknowledge the plethora of benefits that green tea offers, this packet of green tea brings to you the very best of this miracle potion straight from the tea gardens of Assam. Known to have a high concentration of antioxidants, this tea promotes health and well-being and is sur..
Rs 275.00
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Brand: NE Origins Model: NEO-AOT
This packet of premium Assam CTC tea is an aromatic and delicious black tea from the tea gardens of Assam. Handpicked tea leaves are put through traditional rollers making the famous crush-tear-curl tea leaves that give a full-bodied flavour to a hot brew. Best enjoyed with milk, the aroma of this t..
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Brand: Pahari Roots Model: PR-Bay
The bay leaf for this powder is sourced directly from the farmers in Meghalaya. The leaves are carefully hand-picked & sorted. No preservatives, chemicals or colouring is added. It is packed in its purest & most natural form. Bay leaf has many benefits: treats digestive disorders and helps e..
Rs 180.00
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Brand: NE Origins Model: NEO-BRCH
An indigenous rice variety from Manipur, Black Rice (Chak-hao) is naturally rich in antioxidants and contains more protein, fibre and essential minerals compared to brown or white rice. The rice appears black when raw, and purple when cooked. A simple flavour profile with a hint of nuttiness makes t..
Rs 350.00
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Brand: Pahari Roots Model: PR-StoneFlower
Ever wondered what is that mystery ingredient you can’t seem to pin your finger on that gives some Indian Dishes a distinct piquant smoky-sweet taste? Most often, that is Black Stone Flower spice! Also known as Patthar Phool or Dagar Phool, the Black stone flower is a species of lichen used a..
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Chicken Pickle with Dried Bamboo Shoot Chicken Pickle with Dried Bamboo Shoot
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Brand: Tribe Town Kitchen Model: TTK-CPDBS
This chicken pickle is made in a traditional home-style with no synthetic preservatives. The chicken is shredded to soak in the flavour of the dried bamboo shoot as well as other staples of mustard oil, chilli flakes, vinegar, ginger, garlic and salt. The chicken pickle is made with love in an all-w..
Rs 250.00
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