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Brand: Hornbill Model: HB-chicken-ch
The humble, good old chicken is transformed into something wonderful simply by smoking it. Open up a packet of smoked Chicken Chutney and you’ll be hit by the smoky smell of the shredded, crunchy, chicken combined with the three basic spices of chilli, ginger and garlic. We bet your mouths will star..
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Brand: Hornbill Model: HB-dry-bamboo
Dry bamboo shoot is a real treat especially since it is quite hard to come by. The unique texture & flavour that bamboo has is best experienced if it is in its fresh form but the dry bamboo enhances the unique flavour of bamboo and this intensifies with time. Bamboo is a key ingredient in many N..
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Brand: Hornbill Model: HB-dry-fish-ch
River fish is consumed widely across the NorthEast and a lot of the local fish is also dried for preservation. As a result, many of the fish recipes have dry fish as an ingredient and the popular dishes are chutneys made of dry fish. This packet of ready-made dry fish chutney has tiny, local freshwa..
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Brand: Hornbill Model: HB-dry-KC
Ghost Chilies or King Chilies are hard to come by in their fresh form. For those who really love Ghost Chilies, try out our dried organic variety instead! Some say that the King Chili is called the Ghost Chili because after you eat it you wish you were dead! For the people of the North Eas..
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Brand: Hornbill Model: HB-soyabean-chutney
Soyabean is truly a typical taste of the NorthEast. Soyabean or Axone/Akhuni is essentially boiled & fermented soyabeans. This chutney uses fermented soyabean and comes ready-to-eat! The pungent flavoured with basic spices – ginger, garlic, chilli powder. Those who know of Axone love it and whil..
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Brand: Hornbill Model: HB-Rinds
Pork rinds are made from pork-skin. Fresh, high-quality Naga pork skins are sliced and then boiled reducing the pork skins to about one-fourth of their original size. They are then deep-fried to turn them into pork rinds. To this, a blend of typical Naga seasonings like king chilli powder, garlic an..
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Brand: Hornbill Model: HB-sichuan-pepper
Sichuan or Szechuan pepper has a unique aroma and flavour that is neither hot like chili peppers nor pungent like black pepper. Instead, it has slight lemony overtones and creates a tingly numbness in the mouth. As only small amounts are used on food, the nutritional benefit is negligible, but these..
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Brand: Hornbill Model: HB-WA
Healthy, tasty, nutritious Dried Wild Apple – try this favourite snack from the NorthEast. Wild apples have been found in the hilly states of the NorthEast for at least the past 200 years. These apples are about a third the size of the regular apples we eat as they are not domesticated. They look a..
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