Bamboo Shoot Pickle from Assam

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Bamboo Shoot Pickle from Assam

"I would rather eat a meal without meat than live in a place without bamboo" - said a renowned medieval Chinese poet of the Song dynasty. With this Bamboo Shoot Pickle from Assam, you will never need to experience what this poor fellow did! This pickled Bamboo Shoot preserves the subtle flavour and crunchy texture of the bamboo and is enhanced with a mix if typical spices used in making Assamese style pickles. Adding just a spoonful of Bamboo Shoot Pickle will enhance even the simplest of meals.

100%vegetarian and made in a food processing unit that makes only vegetarian items.

  • Product Code: Bamboo-pickle-kamdhenu
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  • Weight : 200.00 grams
  • Rs 165.00
  • Ex Tax: Rs 147.32

Tags: bamboo shoot, bamboo shoot pickle, vegetarian