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Wildflower Honey (Apis Cerana)

Wildflower Honey (Apis Cerana)
Wildflower Honey (Apis Cerana)
Wildflower Honey (Apis Cerana)
Wildflower Honey (Apis Cerana)
Wildflower Honey (Apis Cerana)
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Honey of the Apis Cerana bee, also known as the eastern honey bee native to east Asia, boasts a delicate floral flavour, fragrant aroma. The flavour profile of the honey depends on the source from which the honeybee get its nectar and this bottle has honey flavoured with wildflowers such as wild cherry blossoms, eucalyptus flowers and wild apple blossoms.

Adding the potential health benefits of this honey, it is prized for its cultural significance and culinary versatility. In this bottle, honey from Apis Cerana is carefully harvested directly from the hives of beekeepers and the honey is 100% pure and genuine. The beekeepers rear the bees in scientific bee boxes in their farms and backyards amidst variety of crops in various beekeeping villages across the state of Nagaland. 

This bottle of honey is brought to you by GALHO who insists that the honey hunters they work with, follow sustainable honey harvesting methods as a result their products fetch a better market price for adopting sustainable practices.

Every batch of honey by GALHO, presents a definite period of time in the forest. The colour of each bottle of GALHO honey spans a wide range, from a light shade that is nearly translucent to amber to a dark shade that is entirely opaque. The difference is colour is a result of the nectar gathered from the flowering plants and is not a sign of its quality. 

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Product Specs
Weight in grams 120
Vegetarian Product Yes
Country of Origin India
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