Sold Out AW Water Hyacinth Table Mats

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AW Water Hyacinth Table Mats

Add a tribal and north eastern look to your dining table with this set of six table mats. Handwoven with natural coloured water hyacinth reed fibre in a typical mat weave pattern, these mats are super strong and durable. They are washable and quite easy to maintain and last a long, long time! 

·       100% handwoven

·       Made from water hyacinth reeds with minimum environmental impact

·       Softer than bamboo & not rough like jute

·       Does not absorb water easily & dries off quickly

·       Excellent as a unique gift idea

This table mat set is made from the Water Hyacinth reed fibre. This plant is considered a pest among aquatic plants as they infest still water bodies like lakes & ponds, chocking out other plant & animal life. To counter this problem, Aqua Weaves was founded & thanks to this initiative, numerous villagers & artisans have a source of income from a cheap & easily available raw material. Using water hyacinth also minimises the threat to NorthEast’s cane and bamboo forests. 

  • Product Code: AW-151
  • Availability: Sold Out
  • Weight : 500.00 grams
  • Rs 650.00
  • Ex Tax: Rs 650.00

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