Sold Out Pork Intestines Smoked Pickle DN

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Pork Intestines Smoked Pickle DN

Here we have a true example of a delicacy in the form of smoked pork intestines brought to you by Delicacies of Nagaland. The pork innards have been preserved as a pickle with mustard oil and basic spices, which let the flavour and texture come through. Each part of the mighty pig is consumed and none of the delectable parts are wasted. Open up a packet of this pork innards chutney and truly discover a delicacy of Nagaland. You can enjoy it right out of the packet and when you have had your fill, simply re-seal the conveniently resealable packet.

  • Product Code: smoked-pork-intestines
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  • Weight : 100.00 grams
  • Rs 199.00
  • Ex Tax: Rs 177.68

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