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Smoked Muka Nga Fish

Smoked Muka Nga Fish
Smoked Muka Nga Fish
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Smoked Muka Nga fish or Indian Carpletmola fish (scientific name: Amblypharyngodonmola) is one of the highly popular ingredients in a typical Manipuri kitchen. The Muka Nga is sourced straight from the fisher community which fish from the majestic Loktak lake, the largest freshwater lake in northeast India. The fish is then prepared and smoked by hybrid drying technique (traditional fire and electric modes).

This smoked fish is best eaten as a crunchy side dish after shallow frying it with some onions and green chillies. It can also be added to any stews (Kangsoi in Manipuri) or stir fries (Kang-hou in Manipuri).


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Weight in grams 50
Non-Vegetarian Product
Country of Origin India
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