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Meghalaya Cashew Butter, Salted

Meghalaya Cashew Butter, Salted
Meghalaya Cashew Butter, Salted
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Dalade’s Meghalaya Cashew Butter is an all-natural handmade spread, made from selected best cashews procured from the local farmers of the Garo hills region of the state.

  • Contains no added preservatives
  • Use it to add a tinge of pure and natural delicacy over your toasts or parathas.

Get a sense of thick creamy texture made only of high quality hill cashews. If you are cooking up a storm in your kitchen, this is must-have spread. Use our cashew butter to add richness to your makhanis and gravy dishes as well!


Product Specs
Weight in grams 250
Vegetarian Product
Country of Origin India
Additional Shipping Charge? Yes


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