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Moving Stones: A guide book

Moving Stones: A guide book
Moving Stones: A guide book
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"Moving Stones: A Guide Book to the Stone Monuments of the Khasi-Jaiñtia Hills" is a compact guide to some of the megalithic sites in the Khasi and Jaiñtia Hills of Meghalaya by Nathaniel D. N. Majaw. This guidebook contains GPS coordinates and directions to these sites, in addition to facts and legends about these memorial stones.

These memorial stones are more commonly known as mawbynna or moobynna in the Khasi and Pnar languages. The Khasi Jaintia people have erected stone monuments for various purposes for hundreds of years and continue to do so, making them one of the few cultures in the world with a living stone culture. This guidebook will inform the reader about the rich stone heritage of the Khasi-Jaintia people, and that by visiting these sites, these monuments will be better appreciated.


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