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Sohiong Jam

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Sohiong Jam

Sohiong jam is a firm favourite of people in and around Shillong and a whole generation has grown up with it being a permanent fixture on the breakfast table. The jam’s unique tangy-sweet cherry, juicy flavour combined with its gorgeous dark purple colouring is something everyone should have the good fortune of experiencing. Besides it is packed with antioxidants and minerals, ideal to kick start your days with! Experience the rich taste of top quality sohiong cherrys picked & preserved as a jam when in prime condition directly from the orchards of Meghalaya.

Sohiong (literally ‘black fruit’ in Khasi) is a dark purple cherry-like temperate fruit, which grows in the Himalayan regions but found mainly in the Khasi & Jaintia Hills and is thus, also known as Meghalaya cherry. 

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