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New Pork Chutney, HB

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Pork Chutney, HB

For any pork lover, the words smoked pork and pork cracking (pork rind) is like music to the ears or should we say yummy to the tummy! Smoked pork has such an amazing flavour that is only enhanced and made better in this ready-to-eat chutney. The dry, smoked pork has been shredded and ground and immersed in a flavourful three-way spice mix of ginger, mild chilli flakes and garlic with bit sized pork cracking thrown in for extra crunch and bursts of flavour. Have it as a snack or as a side along with your plate of rice, you're taste buds are sure to be happy with this mouthful of delicious flavours.
  • Product Code: pork-ch-HB
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  • Weight : 90.00 grams
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Tags: pork chutney, pork pickle, pork, dried pork, smoked pork, non-veg pickle, hornbill