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New Artisan Chocolate, Roasted Pumpkin Seed

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Artisan Chocolate, Roasted Pumpkin Seed

From the hills of Ukhrul, Manipur, Hill Wild brings an artisanal chocolate experience that is unique - Chocolate with Roasted Pumpkin Seeds. The combination of the strong earthy taste of pumpkin seeds, especially after roasting are complemented when combined with chocolate. Pumpkin seeds are also a great source of nutrients like zinc, iron, magnesium and protein. This chocolate is an explosion of the senses and the flavour will leave your taste buds satisfied with rich, earthy tastes. This is a must try for those who love unique flavours and of course who love flavoured chocolate.


Hill Wild was founded with a vision of building a healthier lifestyle and community through food and produces natural agricultural and industrially processed food products.

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