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NE Crafters

Brand: NE Crafters Model: NEC-BJCO
Experience the intense heat and robust flavour of Bhut Jolokia, famously known as king chilly or ghost chilly. This knockout chili oil is perfect for those who crave something super spicy and bold taste. Ignite your senses with every drop and take your dishes to the next spiciness level!This product..
Ex Tax:₹222.32
Brand: NE Crafters Model: NEC-CGOBJ
Experience the classic combination of spicy chili and aromatic garlic, perfect for enhancing the flavour of any dish. This chilli garlic oil is ideal for those who crave a balanced kick of heat with a delightful garlic aroma. This condiment does not have too much of a fiery kick and is balanced towa..
Ex Tax:₹177.68
Brand: NE Crafters Model: NEC-SCO
Relish in the aromatic zing of szechuan peppercorns, infused with garlic with a milder heat. This delicious chili oil adds a delightful tingle to your dishes, enhancing flavours without overwhelming with the spiciness. This is for those who love a nuanced and balanced kick to their condiments!This p..
Ex Tax:₹168.75
Brand: NE Crafters Model: NEC-BSBJP
When fresh bamboo shoots are infused with the fiery Bhut Jolokia and pickles, you have they taste of the northeast in a bottle. This pickle perfectly combines the crunchy texture of the season's fresh bamboo shoots and the powerful heat of bhut jolokia chillies. Perfect for adventurous palates!This ..
Ex Tax:₹159.82
Brand: NE Crafters Model: NEC-SPC
Experience the unique numbing and tingling sensation of Szechuan peppercorns. These whole peppercorns add distinctive aroma and flavour to your dishes and are perfect for culinary explorers seeking to transform their cooking with the bold, vibrant taste of traditional Szechuan spice.This product has..
Ex Tax:₹208.57
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