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Brand: Juuri Model: JUR-CGO
Introducing a Chilli Garlic Oil that is flavourful and versatile to add a spicy kick to any dish, chutney, salad you want to make. Just drizzle it on your food for a delicious twist. Whether you're a foodie or just love a little heat, this Chilli Garlic Oil is a tasty addition to your kitchen. Give ..
Rs 200.00
Ex Tax:Rs 178.57
Brand: Juuri Model: JUR-PCP
Crafted from local freshwater prawns, this dry prawn pickle with dry chillies is a true delight for seafood and spicy food enthusiasts. It is an irresistible experience! The blend of dried red chillies and garlic, coupled with the inherent prawn flavour, elevates this delicacy to a new level. Add a ..
Rs 300.00
Ex Tax:Rs 267.86
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