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Brand: Colks Model: Colks-Oil
The legendary fiery heat of the Ghost chilli, more commonly known as Bhoot Jolokia, is handpicked and sourced from Nagaland and is packed into BEE Natural's Bhoot Jolokia infused oil. Containing absolutely no artificial colours or flavouring, this unique chilli oil is crafted purely from sun-dried b..
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Brand: Colks Model: Colks-turmeric
BEE Natural brings you Lakadong Turmeric, a high altitude variety of turmeric from West Jaintia Hills district of Meghalaya, partnering with the best of farmers in this area to bring you high-quality Lakadong Turmeric. This variety of turmeric contains high curcumin content, between 6 – 9 % which is..
Rs 125.00
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Brand: Colks Model: Colks-pepper
Bee Natural brings to your kitchen these flavour-packed whole black peppercorns from Meghalaya. It comes in a conveniently packed grinder bottle, so you grind the peppercorns instantly and can get really fresh pepper powder and relish the superior aroma and robust flavour. Just a pinch can add punch..
Rs 195.00
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Brand: Colks Model: Colks-Mandarin
The Khasi Mandarin is a particularly sweet and richly-flavoured variety of orange. Nectar collected by honeybees from the mandarin orange plantations of Meghalaya and sourced from skilled farmers is the secret behind the delicate and unique flavour of BEE Natural's Khasi Mandarin Honey.BEE NATURAL i..
Rs 499.00
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Brand: Colks Model: Colks-schezwan
Bee Natural brings you schezwan pepper sourced from West Garo Hills district of Meghalaya. This schezwan pepper has medium heat and a slight lemony flavour but its main distinctive trait is that it provides a tingling sensation and numbness to the tongue when consumed. This sensation actually prepar..
Rs 180.00
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Brand: Colks Model: colks-sumac
Sumac is a spice derived from the red, dried berries of the sumac plant. It has a subtle tangy, lemony flavour that is not as sharp as lemon juice. A pinch of sumac also gives a pop of beautiful red to any dish or dessert that it is added to. This bottle of dried sumac powder will tantalise your tas..
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Brand: Colks Model: Colks-cinnamon
Bee Natural brings you cinnamon powder that is sourced from the farmers of Meghalaya. This cinnamon powder contains no additives, color or preservatives and the cinnamon found in Meghalaya is extremely fragrant, rich and full-bodied and is excellent for daily consumption. It can be used for baking, ..
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