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Model: CSNS13
Dried ginger powder is made by soaking fresh ginger rhizomes overnight, washing, peeling and then sun drying them for around a week. During this period, they are turned periodically. The end result is a pale white dried ginger which is then powdered. Dried ginger powder is best used in making spices..
Rs 510.00
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Model: CSTL02
This green tea comes from the Khasi Hills of Meghalaya, from lush hill gardens located in elevations above 6400 feet or 1900 meters. The fresh leaves are dried and steamed at high temperatures soon after they are harvested. The steaming process helps retain antioxidant constituents in the tea leaves..
Rs 700.00
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Model: CSIB05
Kadha is a natural immunity booster and is said to be the best remedy against fever and sore throat. CountrySpices Kadha Blend Immunity Booster is a powder that is meant to be consumed as a liquid decoction and is a natural supplement that anyone can use for general wellness. It contains a blend of ..
Rs 625.00
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Model: CSNS06
Sourced from villages in and around the renowned Lakadong, these turmeric slices have really high curcumin level content, between 7.5% to 10.48% which makes it a health-watcher’s favorite. Lakadong turmeric is known to give bright and inviting color, ready to add great flavor and aroma to your dishe..
Rs 600.00
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Model: CSM04
Molagapodi or chutney podi is a delicious spice mix made with lentils and dry chilies. Mixed with (coconut) oil, it adds great flavor to any kind of non-spicy snack. Relish your dosas, utappams and idlis with the perfect CountrySpices Podi Chutney Powder. Made using freshly ground, dry-roasted whole..
Rs 750.00
Ex Tax:Rs 714.29
Model: CSM02
CountrySpices Rasam powder is a basic ingredient to make rasam, a South Indian soup-like dal, traditionally prepared using tamarind paste as a base, with the addition of tomato, and a blend of other spices as seasonings. Make the perfect rasam easily at home with this selection of whole spices (cori..
Rs 702.08
Ex Tax:Rs 668.64
Model: CSNS04
This red chilli powder has been sourced from Meghalaya where the soil is conducive to producing fragrant yet pungent chillies. Red chili flakes make an excellent condiment, where red chillies are dried and crushed, as opposed to ground. These red chilli flakes have medium heat with a sweet edge to t..
Rs 600.00
Ex Tax:Rs 571.43
Model: CSSF02
Savour the highly nutritive rice that is rich in fibre with a more flavour compared to its white counterpart. Red sticky rice is believed to help with several health issues by naturally increasing blood flow, improving digestion and lowering bad cholesterol. Red rice is an excellent source of iron a..
Rs 500.00
Ex Tax:Rs 476.19
Model: CSM03
This Sambar Powder is made with freshly ground coriander, cumin, chana dal, urad dal, red chilli and asafoetida (Hing). Blended in the perfect ratio-tried, tested, tasted and liked by home-cooks and professionals. Make the perfect sambar easily at home! Select whole spices are freshly dry roasted an..
Rs 750.00
Ex Tax:Rs 714.29
Model: CSIB01
This complete easy turmeric latte formulation contains everything you need to bring all the benefits of turmeric into your diet following the traditional haldi doodh formula with a more scientific approach. Providing all your anti-inflammation and anti-oxidants, this delicious blend has been scienti..
Rs 450.00
Ex Tax:Rs 428.57
Model: CSSF01
White Sticky Rice is an aromatic sticky rice from Meghalaya with a rich nutty flavour and delicate texture. It is a short-grain rice also known as glutinous rice due to the presence of a starch compound called amylopectin which makes it sticky but it is still gluten-free as it does not have the glut..
Rs 400.00
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Model: CSHoney
CountrySpices Wild Forest Pure Honey is sourced from the luxuriant forests of Meghalaya. These forests have around 300 species of orchids including wild citrus and pigmy lily the essence of which finds its way into the honey of the region. The honey can be distinguished by its fragrance, taste and c..
Rs 650.00
Ex Tax:Rs 619.05
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