Sold Out Bamboo Shoot Pickle- MEG

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Bamboo Shoot Pickle- MEG

If you're someone who loves bamboo shoot, you will never need to be deprived of it again once you have a pack of our bamboo shoot pickle! Bamboo shoot  is such a common ingredient across the NorthEast, found in all kitchens, that just the thought of bamboo shoot brings the smell of home to mind. Our pickled Bamboo Shoot preserves the subtle flavour and crunchy texture of the bamboo and its very appetising smell. Adding just a spoonful of Bamboo Shoot Pickle will enhance even the simplest of meals. Also, it’s 100% vegetarian. Enjoy the unique taste and satisfaction that only bamboo shoot can give you!

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  • Weight : 200.00 grams
  • Rs 120.00
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