Sold Out Empower Drawstring Bag, Red

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Empower Drawstring Bag, Red

Starting from the pure cotton material to the hand-woven, white and green on red motifs, this bag is a testament to the skills of the rural women of the Mishing tribe of Assam who weave the fabric with detailing, care and precision. Handloom weaving is an inherent part of Mishing culture and women grow-up learning the skills from their mothers and relatives. This design laden draw string bag pulsates with vigour and is great for both casual as well as professional events. If you are one of those who support socially responsible consumerism and are sensitive towards traditional knowledge, then this bag is suitable for you. The size of the bag is 16.5''X12.5'' with strings that can be adjusted as per the desired body level. But who cares about the size, right. It’s how you use it! So, get yourself one of these bags.

This is a product of Empower, a brand of textile based products, handcrafted by artisans from the tribes of Northeast India whose focus is to work in partnership with various tribes, NGOs, governments and private sector companies to achieve their goal of sustainable livelihood for all. Imagine buying a bag woven by artisans using skills handed down from mother to daughter over many generations. Now imagine the money you pay for these beautiful products, adding up to provide sustainable livelihood for an entire tribal family. That’s Empower for you!

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