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Esto Pesto Sauce

Esto Pesto Sauce
Esto Pesto Sauce
Esto Pesto Sauce
Esto Pesto Sauce
Esto Pesto Sauce
Esto Pesto Sauce
Esto Pesto Sauce
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Esto Pesto literally means ‘Like this pesto’. And once you sample this pesto sauce, you'd be asking every other sauce whether it’s ‘like this pesto’. Luscious locally grown luscious tomatoes and basil are topped with extra virgin olive oil so that you don't have to do anything but add cooked pasta to the sauce in a pan, add meat, fish or vegetables of your choice and have perfect pasta every time.

Heat meter: 1/2 flame

How to use: As a sauce for pasta, marinate for meats, sandwiches and rolls, pizza base, gravy for curries. This sauce is made with peanuts, sesame, chilli, garlic, seasoning, salt, sesame oil.

Heat meter: 1 flame 

How to use: A scoop of this sauce over stir fry or steamed vegetables is to die for. It is also perfect with rice, noodles, soup, vegetables or anything that needs a touch of joy.

This sauce has been manufactured in Dimapur, Nagaland by entrepreneurs who believe that food is the purest expression of love and kinship. It speaks without words when a meal is shared with loved ones or when a generous heart calls a community feast. It keeps stories of old and memories of generations gone by. It tells us about the soil, the rivers and mountains and moves us to protect it and this product is guided by this Language of Food that is mindfully made taking great care to buy raw materials locally from farmers, sustainably and fairly. 

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Product Specs
Weight in grams 165
Vegetarian Product
Country of Origin India
Additional Shipping Charge? Yes


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