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Beef Chutney

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Beef Chutney

This is for all those who love beef but have lower spice tolerance, this high quality dried beef chutney is magic. Dried & shredded beef is flavoured with dry bamboo and basic spices (minus chilies) and turned into a dry beef pickle. For those from the North East, this right here is a taste of home! Open up a packet of our Beef Chutney and you’ll be hit by the smoky smell of the shredded beef combined with the beautiful aroma of the dry bamboo and we bet your mouths will start salivating right away! You can enjoy it right out of the packet and when you have had your fill, simply re-seal the convenient resealable pickle packet. Dare we say this is some of the most delicious beef pickle and chutney you'll find online? You be the judge.

The chutney's spice level is low and can be enjoyed by those with lower spice tolerance as well. 

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  • Weight : 100.00 grams
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