Sold Out Bamboo Shoot with King Chili

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Bamboo Shoot with King Chili

Bamboo shoot spiced up with hot and spicy King Chili. If you're someone who loves bamboo shoot and the heat of Naga king chilli, do not look beyond this pack of bamboo shoot and Naga king chilli pickle! Lightly pickled in oil, this variety of the Naga bamboo shoot is sweet thanks to being slightly fermented. This sweetness is then followed by the King Chilli's pungent flavours and your palate will have quite a lot to process!. These are truly the essence of flavour from across the NorthEast. The subtle flavour and crunchy texture of the bamboo and its very appetising smell is perfectly captured in this pickle. Also, it’s 100% vegetarian. 

  • Product Code: TAB-bamboo-king-chili
  • Availability: Sold Out
  • Weight : 150.00 grams
  • Rs 199.00
  • Ex Tax: Rs 177.68

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