Sold Out Eri Silk Stole, Blue Striped (AC-9147)

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Eri Silk Stole, Blue Striped (AC-9147)

This rich royal blue dyed stole is made of 100% Eri silk. If you love the colour blue, this is a great accessory to add to your wardrobe. The entire body of the stole comes in a striped design, alternating shades of blue, flecked with thin gold stripes. Grab one for yourself! It makes for a great gift as well.

·       100% Eri Silk

·       Export quality silk manufactured by Fabric Plus

              ·       Silk Mark Quality Assurance

Note: This fabric has been made using handlooms. The irregularities in the wrap or weft, the knots & iridescence derived form the special kind of manufacture and are a natural feature of the fabric. Any unevenness is therefore to be considered as a special characteristic of the fabric and not as an imperfection or cause for complaint.

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  • Product Code: AC-9147
  • Availability: Sold Out
  • Weight : 100.00 grams
    L x W x H : 78.50 x 23.50 x 0.00
  • Rs 1,442.31
  • Ex Tax: Rs 1,442.31

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