Sold Out Smoky Falls Medium Roasted Pure Coffee 50 gm

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Smoky Falls Medium Roasted Pure Coffee 50 gm

Made in Meghalaya, with the finest quality handpicked hill coffee that is indigenous to this region, this medium roasted coffee brings you a brew rich in taste and aroma. Thhis packet of cofee contains 100% pure coffee with no added colouring or preservatives.

Medium roasted coffee exhibits balanced flavour, aroma and acidity. The Medium Roast have darker brown colour, with some aromatic oils visible on the surface of the freshly roasted beans. This roast profile is perfect for a cup of black coffee, where you can get the good aroma and taste the sweet flavourful aromatic characteristics of pure coffee.

  • Product Code: SFC-Medium-50
  • Availability: Sold Out
  • Weight : 50.00 grams
    L x W x H : 0.00 x 0.00 x 0.00
  • Rs 75.00
  • Ex Tax: Rs 71.43

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