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Ghost Chili Flakes

Add incredible spice and heat to your cooking with Ghost Chili Flakes. Authentic Naga King Chilies are sun dried and then crushed to a coarse powder, thus preserving the chilies as well as their heat. Ghost Chili Flakes are quite a versatile condiment not just limited to sprinkling on pizzas. You can add them to stir-fries, pastas, salads, and even infuse cooking oils and make a lovely chili-cheese toast.

The Naga King Chili (Naga Raja) is also know as Bhoot Jolokia or Ghost Chili and is constantly on the top 5 in the list of the world’s hottest chilies based on the Scoville Scale which measures the pungency (spicy heat) of chilies and other spicy foods.

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